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Grass-Fed Farming Practices + Ethically Produced Meats

Welcome To Glendhu Farm and the origin of Value Plus Meats. As the stakeholders of Glendhu farm, we are passionate about our animals and the way we operate our farm.

When you buy meat from us you’ll know that you’re getting ethically sourced, top-quality grass-fed beef, lamb and other locally sourced Canterbury meats.

Paddock to plate is our motto and our philosophy encompasses direct-to-consumer quality meats at affordable prices! No middle man! No middle fees! Just quality meat at affordable prices!


Planting For Future Generations & Our Commitment To Sustainability

At Glendhu Farm we are passionate about preservation and land regeneration. Our farm totals 820 hectares of which 250 hectares have now been planted with a combination of pine and native trees.

Our farm currently has 100 hectares of mature natives occupying our land, native regeneration is something we are very proud of and continue to work towards.

Creating the perfect balance of production and sustainability is at the core of our farming practices.


Canterbury Farmers, Expert Butchers & Conveniently Located In Christchurch

All of our beef, lamb and venison products are 100% grass fed from our farm in Greta Valley or trusted suppliers.

Our butchery provides a wide range of quality meats including;

  1. Grass-fed Beef
  2. Grass-fed Lamb
  3. Grass-fed Venison
  4. Pork
  5. Chicken
  6. Pet Food

We have two butchery stores in Christchurch:
281 Dyers Road, Bromley, Christchurch
504 Blenheim Road, Sockburn, Christchurch


Two Convenient Christchurch Stores

Straight from the paddock, processed by our butchers and ready for your plate! We own and manage the farm that we get our meat from so you know that you’re getting grass-fed, top quality Canterbury meat.

When we need to source additional meat we hand-select local farms that operate to our standards and with our farming practices in mind. This way you know you’re supporting local and getting the best meats at the very best prices.

We offer online sales and delivery to Christchurch suburbs including a convenient pay and collect option at our Bromley butchery retail store.

Visit one of our Christchurch stores:
281 Dyers Road, Bromley, Christchurch
504 Blenheim Road, Sockburn, Christchurch

Contact Us
Shop grass fed meat including beef, pork and bacon from Value Plus Meats in Christchurch and get delivery to locations including Papanui, Richmond, Redcliffs, Northcote and more!

Customer Reviews

Finally went down to the butcher on Dyers Road, wow! I got a small roast beef rolled. It didn't shrink like supermarket meat and ohhh the taste was amazing and at good prices. Plus I haven't seen mutton for sale for years! I highly recommend you go try this butcher for farm fresh meat!

Darryl Lovell

A great selection of high quality and fresh meat straight from a local farm to your plate, with knowledgeable and friendly staff! The meat just tastes better than what you get from the supermarket, Yum!

Tiger White

I've bought my weekly meat from your shop in Dyers Road for the last 4 weeks and I'm converted! All the meat I've bought so far has been excellent quality and very reasonably priced. And the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Sarah Ledingham

Love your butchery! My son even cooks his own steak now!

Kylie Hutton

Went into Value Plus Meats today. What lovely staff. Meat looks fantastic and great value for money. Will definitely be going back each week.

Kim Marie Brown

Great meat at the best price around, highly recommended!

Simon Granville

I visited and sent a friend my sirloin steak and mid loin chops. Great cuts that melted in my mouth.

Pat Britain

Best sausages I have ever tasted


The Lamb and Mint sausages are the best in town!

Jr Blair

Great products and value to be had at Value Plus Meats!

Dianne Deane

We cooked our mutton hogget leg on the BBQ rotisserie. It was bloody delicious!


Great service. Thank you. Impressive selection and great prices! Especially impressed with the sausages and corned beef.

Martin James

We've nearly eaten all the meals I bought from Value Plus Meats and the quality is perfect thank you, and knowing it's from your own farm in North Canterbury!

Caroline Mills

A great place for meat. Highly recommend!

Jenny Stokes

Have been to Value Plus Meats 8 times now and they are consistently great! Their lean beef mince is always $10.99 kg and what they call small chickens ($6.90) are quite a bit bigger than usual ones. Highly recommend them!!!

Sally Aitchison

We are regulars and have never had a bad cut of meat. Friendly people and amazing product. When you cook their bacon it doesn't sit in water. It cooks perfectly.

Daphne Lewis-Mannix

We bought ribeye steak from Value Plus Meats, absolutely superb!

Karen F Woodley

I bought pork strips to do sweet and sour pork it was lovely with no bones, so got some more!

Lorraine Ann MacKenzie

I only buy from Value Plus Meats now. Such reasonable prices and you can taste the freshness!

Sharee Richings

Value Plus Meats is fantastic. Best beef sausages ever. Juicy and delicious.

Cathy Baker

I shopped at Value Plus Meats, great friendly service. Had a lovely pork chop for my dinner.

Marilyn Dwight

Went in and grabbed some mince from Value Plus Meats. Their range much nicer than the supermarket stuff!

Stacey May

Meat the way it used to be, I go to Value Plus Meats every week, I love the garlic sausages.

Aneta Green

I had corned beef (silverside) from Value Plus Meats. It's the best I've had for years. Brinned the real way. Now a weekly shopper.

Graeme McGill

Buy all my meat from Value Plus Meats now, great prices, yummy meat and friendly staff!

Brenda Latimer

It's so good to have somewhere to buy meat that actually has flavour and is not all washed out!

Karen Coleman

So fresh and tasty! The best meat I have ever had and the owners are so nice and friendly!

Fernando Cambrese

I had the best pork belly from Value Plus Meats! It was next level delicious!

Phyllis Briggs

Delicious paddock to plate quality meat at value prices!